COMP 3000 Distribution Sign-up 2011

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Sign up for the distribution you want to report on here. Note that others are also editing page so verify that the page hasn't been mangled after you make your changes. To help with this, try to only edit the section for the appropriate alphabet range (e.g., Ubuntu should go under T-V).

Note that no more than two people may sign up for each distribution. If two people sign up for a distribution, you two should be working together on a joint report. If you are not working together, then note that the person who picked the distribution gets a 10% bonus: that person, after all, did the work to find the distribution.

Please sign up with your wiki name (which, generally, should be the same as your connect username). See Distrowatch to see what distributions are out there. Also, search for types of operating system distributions.

Please do not sign up for a major distribution. This includes but is not limited to the major distributions listed by Distrowatch. Pick out something specialized and obscure! If in doubt, please email the instructors and TAs.

If you are submitting your report on the wiki, please add a link to it as shown in the example. Please title the page using the name of your distribution, not your name.

Further information on the report is here.

Example entry:

Distributions A-D

Alpine Linux: mevans (Report)

APODIO: mbrowna (Report)

ArtistX: adangel2 (Report)

BackTrack: dcarson

Bodhi Linux: jboucha2 (Report)

CAINE Linux: nyoung2 (Report)

Chromium OS(Chrome OS): baathari

CrunchBang: drewmartin (Report)

CRUX: ttian1 (Part1 Part2 Part3)

Damn Small Linux: MartyV (Report)

Damn Small Linux - Not: dneray (Report)

Damn Vulnerable Linux: amurphy7 , vsanthir (Report)

DEFT Linux: deadlytea (Report)


Dream Studio: smaqsood (Report)

Distributions E-H

Funtoo Linux: porter.nicolas (Report)

GoboLinux: NameGoesHere

Haiku: nhoda, thildebr (Report Parts 1 and 2; Part 3)

Edubuntu: smaqsood (Report)

Distributions I-M

Incognito Live System: bwernik (Report: TAILS)

Inquisitor: atchekan (Report)

Joli OS (Jolicloud): nkathrad tsukasa19(Report)

KnoSciences: nTierney(Report)

Liberté Linux: Murals

Lightweight Portable Security: jeckhard (Report)

LinHes:jmarcha1 (Report)

linuX-Gamers Live: dlpkelly (Report)

Linux Mangaka One: AsoCchahal (Report)

Lubuntu: falaskar

MenuetOS: Caesar, Vangelis (Report)

Legacy OS:rnyssanb, zzhou6(Report)

Macpup: kbyrd, rcarrot1 (Report)

Distributions N-P

Nova: jaze (Report)

Parted Magic: erhodes

PeppermintOS: fmuhamma


Privatix Live-System: gbooth, sbrett (Report)

Puppy Linux: mwooff, jnrahme (Report)

PinguyOS: ssivara, uramazan (pdawod)

Poseidon Linux: 36chambers (Report)

PC-BSD : todetoyi(Report), qliu1 (Report) (ReportII_todetoyi_qliu1)

Parsix GNU/Linux: tzhang1, jzhang (Report)

Pardus: ksubedi (Report)

Puredyne: Carlton

Distributions Q-S

Qimo: rwolfe (Report)

Qubes: dneray (Report)

Quirky: Qingming_no_lisca(Report

Swift Linux: mabadeer, Yliu11(Report)

SalineOS: drhill (Report)

Scientific Linux: kfourni1

Slackware: sturnbu5 (Report)

SLAX: Andre Song

SliTaz: Bobbybobbets (Report)

StressLinux: achaddad, nwaheed


Sabayon Linux: mabdirah, selmoafi

Distributions T-W

TAILS: Khorrus

TCCBOOT: TinyCC Boot Loader:

Tiny Core Linux : aadegbem (Report)

TinyMe: jaze (Report)

ttylinux: kmacmart (Report)

UberStudent: akwiatko (Report)

Ubuntu Studio: Chashem and Jbyford (Report)

VectorLinux: judethedude,Lkuate (Report)

wattOS: JPAL

Distributions X-Z

Zentyal: cyu3 (Report)

Zenwalk: mgizbert (Report)

ZeroShell: bvardal (Report)

Zorin OS: awillman (Report)

XBMC: awallac1, ketsiagb (Report)

Xubuntu: ernibek, Komarova