WebFund 2014W: Tutorial 7

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In this tutorial you will be completing adventure-editor, a version of our adventure game which has the beginnings of a game editor.

To get full credit for the tutorial, complete the first three tasks. Completing the first two will get you 3/4 marks. Completing just the first will get you 2/4 marks.


  1. Add a "quit" button to the bottom of the editor screen that takes you back to the initial screen.
  2. Get the "Load" button in the editor to work by creating editor.js so that it makes the load button gets the requested room using "/getContents" and updates the form to contain the values for the loaded room.
  3. Get the "Save" button in the editor to work by implementing the appropriate server-side code.
  4. Add a room selector to the top that lists the names of all of the rooms in the rooms collection. This should be a drop-down menu or other control of equivalent functionality.
  5. Extend the editor to work with the "Actions" from the last tutorial.