Operating Systems 2019W Lecture 12

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The video for the lecture given on February 27, 2019 is now available.


These Wikipedia readings are all optional; however, they will give you more background on the topics covered in lecture. Be sure to follow the references for the parts you find interesting!

And when you want to browse the Linux kernel source code:

In-Class Notes

Lecture 12


In the beginning
* BSD license (3 clause)

Then there was
* SunOS/Solaris

And then came Richard Stallman
* founded the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
* came up with the idea of "copyleft"
* created the GNU General Public License (GPL)

But their kernel wasn't ready in the early 1990's

BSD had a kernel...but it was trapped in litigation

Linux stepped in to that gap

Hacking the kernel

Look at an online Linux cross reference to look around

But...develop a module if you can