Operating Systems 2015F Lecture 7

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The video from the lecture given on September 30, 2015 is now available.


The project

  • Modify the linux kernel
  • Document what you did and explain why you did it
  • Evaluate what you did

You will submit:

  • code
  • a report

Suggested scope: make a "feedback loop"

  • measure something
  • change something

Don't limit yoursef to doing things that are "useful"

Entertaining is also good Educational is also good

Feedback loops give systems personality Go with it

Constraint: the system should still be "usable" (But it may be annoying to use)

Hard part

  • debugging can get weird

Groups are allowed

  • but contribution of every group member should be clear, significant, and documented

Treat the "oral" portion (interview) as a proposal

Project should be "appropriate" for kernel implementation.

Project may include a userspace portion however.

kernel source code

During the lecture we looked a lot at the The Linux kernel cross reference, http://lxr.free-electrons.com/ . Here are some of the pages that we looked at: