Operating Systems 2015F Lecture 16

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The video from the lecture given on November 6, 2015 is now available.


Lecture 16


How do you make scheduling better?
 - pay attention to what I'm paying attention to
 - give resources to processes that have "customers"
 - narcolepsy

Kernel forks
 - The Linux kernel is a family of kernels
 - there's "mainline": what Linus produces
 - there's "stable": bug fixes to old mainline kernels
 - there's distribution kernels
   - Debian/Ubuntu
   - Red Hat
   - SuSE
   - add patches to fix bugs and add features
 - kernels for embedded systems, particularly Android
   - support for new hardware/architectures
   - ARM has no standard hardware interface
   - BINARY BLOBS/obfuscated code
   - A MESS, because you are stuck with one version of the
     Linux kernel