Operating Systems (Fall 2010)

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This is the main page for the Fall 2010 run of Carleton University's COMP 3000, Operating Systems. The instructor for this course is Anil Somayaji

Course Outline

The course outline for this course can be found here

Class Help

The best way to get general help for this class is to email or IM "2010comp3000 at gmail dot com". TAs and the instructor will be monitoring this account. For grade-specific questions, however, please email the TAs and/or the instructor directly using your Connect account.

Group assignments

Randomized group assignments for the essays are listed in WebCT.

Lectures and Deadlines


Due/In Class



Sept. 9th

Class Outline

Sept. 14th & 16th OS Overview Chap. 1
Sept. 19th & 21st Lab 1 Processes & Threads Chap. 2
Sept. 28th & 30th Lab 2 (Solutions) Processes & Threads (cont.) Chap. 2
Oct. 5th & 7th Lab 3 (Solutions)
Assignment 1 (Oct. 7th)
File Systems Chap. 4
Oct. 12th & 14th Essay 1 (Oct. 14th) File Systems (cont.) Chap. 4
Oct. 19th Midterm review
Oct. 21st Midterm exam
SA 515 and SA 624
Oct. 26th & 28th Input/Output Chap. 5
Nov. 2nd & 4th Lab 4 (Solutions) Memory Management Chap. 3
Nov. 9th & 11th Lab 5 Memory Management (cont.) Chap. 3
Nov. 16 & 18th Lab 6
Assignment 2 (Nov. 18th)
Virtual Machines Section 8.3
Nov. 23 & 25th Security Chap. 9
Nov. 30th Final Exam Review
Dec. 2nd Essay 2 The Future of Operating Systems
Dec. 8th, 13:30
238 TB (regular room)
Last minute Review Session
Dec. 9th, 19:00 Final Exam
AT 102