DistOS 2021F 2021-09-14

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Lecture 2
(lectures aren't really lectures here!)

 - write a response OR take the quiz
 - it is just a participation grade

Most classes will work like this:
 - first we'll all meet, say hi
 - then we'll break up into groups of 3-4 people
    - you'll discuss the readings
 - then we'll meet back as a large group and discuss
    - I'll probably lecture for part of this time

After class, your group will write up what you discussed and turn that in for your group report grade
 - what you write should explain what was discussed
 - you'll have a week

I'm going to assign groups automatically in zoom
 - so will be random
 - if you find you don't want to be partnered with someone
   I can figure out an exclusion list

To make a shared doc, make a group chat in teams, you can associate a word doc with the chat and put your notes there

Your group report should be turned in once by one member of your group
 - the report should list everyone's names
 - everyone gets the same grade