DistOS 2015W Session 8

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  • How both the article and the video relates to the course?

The creation of the Web is basically what drove the need to have a way of connecting thousands of machines and develop a mechanism between these machines to share files and data in an efficient way. In other words, the Science of Distributed Operating Systems has evolved as a result of the creation of the Web and it’s exponential growth.

  • OS is made to run program
    • example:
    • Mac OS - GUI
    • UNIX - text processing, shell pipe


  • Web is not tied to fixed interface
    • interface is flexible
    • different type of content, text, image, video, file, dynamic, static, are presented different way
    • website have one to many viewers.
  • stateless
    • allows scalability
    • server does not keep state of client
    • the disadvantage of stateful server is the cost of coordination between servers for state of clients