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Describe the system(s) that you examined or compared. Why did you choose them? Be sure to specify a thesis that you argue in the rest of the document. Since this is a report the thesis may be relatively weak; however, an appropriate thesis will help the reader understand why did what you did and why you wrote what you wrote.

End with a paragraph outlining the rest of the document.

Be sure to change the titles of the following sections to match the structure of your paper. In particular, please try to make them less generic. What follows is just a suggestion; the document will be evaluated in part on the quality of writing, and good writing sometimes requires some flexibility.

Systems/Programs in the Space

Give an overview of the area you are examining. What systems/programs are out there?

Evaluated Systems/Programs

Describe the systems individually here - their key properties, etc. Use subsections to describe different implementations if you wish. Briefly explain why you made the selections you did.

Experiences/Comparison (multiple sections)

In multiple sections, describe what you learned.


What was interesting? What was surprising? Here you can go out on tangents relating to your work


Summarize the report, point to future work.


Give references in proper form (not just URLs if possible, give dates of access).