COMP 3000 2012 Documentation Proposal

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Your proposal for the documentation project should be submitted on cuLearn by just before midnight on Wednesday, October 3rd.

Your proposal does not have to be very long at all. It just needs to have:

  • Your name and the name of your partner (if any),
  • The name of the open source project you wish to document,
  • The URL of the project's main development site,
  • A brief description of the project,
  • An explanation of how this project is useful from an operating system or systems administration perspective,
  • A statement of what kind of documentation the project already has,
  • and a brief description of the kind of documentation you wish to add to the project.

Done concisely, this could all fit into a (somewhat long) paragraph. I'd suggest dividing it into a few paragraphs, though. You may use bulleted lists if you wish; however, note that in general I prefer complete sentences.

Please do not propose to duplicate already existing documentation!

Note that it is possible to document just about any open source project for this class. My preference, however, is for projects or documentation that have clear connections to systems administration or operating systems. I can be rather flexible in what this means, however.

If you have a partner, one partner may just submit a statement saying who their partner is and the other can submit the proposal. That is preferable to both people submitting a proposal, as then that results in extra grading. You may list your project ideas on the discussion page if you want to try finding a partner.

If you are trying to find a project, search for keywords and "open source" in a search engine, and/or browse through the projects on GitHub or Sourceforge.