COMP3000 Operating Systems W22: Openstack Instructions

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You can create a VM instance on the SCS openstack cluster for the tutorials, by doing the following:

(this is not step-by-step; obvious steps are skipped)

  1. Connect to Carleton's VPN.
  2. Log in to
  3. Most of you would need to refresh your SCS account to have the right entitlements for our course (or you may not be able to log in or not listed in the COMP3000-W22 project):
  4. Switch to the COMP3000-W22 project (top-left corner), and launch an instance (button on the right).
  5. Make a choice for necessary items according to the screenshots attached.
    Boot-source.jpg Select-image.jpg
  6. You must add "ping-ssh-egress" to the security groups, or you'll not be able to ping/ssh to your instance.
    Security groups
  7. Assign a floating IP.
    NEVER attempt to create a snapshot
  8. Then the new IP address to the right of 192.168.XXX.XXX will be the one you will use to connect to your instance.