Biological Approaches to Computer Security: Winter 2012

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This is the main page for the Winter 2012 run of Carleton University's Biological Approaches to Computer Security (COMP 5900X). The instructor for this course is Anil Somayaji.

Course Outline

The course outline for this course can be found here.






Jan. 4, 6


Tom Ray, Tierra (1992)

Artificial Life Notes

Jan. 11,13


Darwin, The Origin of Species, 6th Ed., Chapter 1

Evolution Notes

Jan. 18,20


Darwin, The Origin of Species, 6th Ed., 2 Chapters assigned, and Conclusion

Evolution Notes

Jan. 25,27

Unit 1: Setting the Stage

Reading from Textbook: Biology: Exploring the Diversity of Life

Unit 1 Notes

Other readings:

Discussion Notes

Course Discussion Notes A place for things where you don't know where to put them yet [Last updated on 12:48, 18 May 2022 (UTC)]

Discussion Notes from March 23 Class

Individual Notes

Consolidated Notes

The notes for the whole class, consolidated, condensed, and edited are here. Students in the class - please go ahead and add to it!