Adaptive Security 2020F: Paper Review Instructions

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When you are reviewing a paper for this class to assess how it relates to adaptive security, please use the following template.

Paper Details



Published in: Specify the paper's publishing venue (conference, journal) and how to find it there (year or volume & issue)

Link to paper:

Reviewed by: your name

Date Reviewed: when you wrote this up


Briefly explain the problem the paper addresses


Briefly explain what they did to address their problem, whether it was to develop an attack, build a defense, make a theory, did a user study, or something else.

Adaptive Analysis

Adaptive Score: Give a score from -2 to 2 as follows:

  • -2: Helps attackers and defenders cannot respond easily
  • -1: Helps attackers but defenders can respond easily
  • 0: Neither helps attackers or defenders
  • 1: Helps defenders but attackers can respond easily
  • 2: Helps defenders and attackers cannot respond easily

Rationale: Explain the rationale for your adaptive score