Operating Systems 2021F Lecture 15

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Video from the lecture given on November 9, 2021 is now available:

Video is also available through Brightspace (Resources->Class zoom meetings->Cloud Recordings tab)


Lecture 15

What happened with the midterm?  Possibilities
 - too long
    - every question is worth 2 points, skip and come back
      if one is taking too long!
 - some of you tried pattern matching to assignments
   rather than answering the question asked
 - when faced with something you didn't know, you did a search rather
   than think through what you already knew & what the question said
 - you're doing the assignments by searching first rather than
   thinking first
 - not taking the time to understand tutorial/assignment code
   beyond the bare minimum to answer assignment & tutorial questions
    - they are short programs, you should understand every line

What's a special file?
 - character devices, block devices, pipes, etc.

Why don't I give tutorial answers?
 - because the journey is more important than the destination
 - how you learned things is more important than what you learn
   - again, doing searches for everything is the entirely wrong approach
   - consult google for definitions, documentation, not answers

Tips for the final
 - when you do the tutorials and assignments, do a search online
   only after looking at man pages and trying to figure it out in
   other ways
 - if anything seems unclear, ASK (forums, lecture, TA, office hours)