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Welcome to Anil Somayaji's wiki.

COMP 3000 (Operating Systems)

The notes from the Fall 2011 run of COMP 3000 (Operating Systems) are on the Operating Systems (Fall 2011) page. Also available are the notes from Fall 2010.

COMP 4000/5102 (Distributed Operating Systems)

Notes and readings for the Winter 2011 run of COMP 4000/5102 (Distributed Operating Systems) is available on the Distributed OS: Winter 2011 page.

Also, the notes from Distributed OS: Fall 2008 and Distributed OS: Winter 2008 are still online.

Intrusion Detection (COMP 5900)

Notes for Intrusion Detection: Winter 2011 (COMP 5900X) are online.

Biological Approaches to Computer Security (COMP 5900)

Notes for Biological Approaches to Computer Security: Winter 2012 (COMP 5900X) are online.