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Privatix Live-System: gbooth, sbrett
Privatix Live-System: gbooth, sbrett

[http://puppylinux.org/ Puppy Linux]: mwooff
[http://puppylinux.org/ Puppy Linux]: mwooff, jnrahme

==Distributions Q-S==
==Distributions Q-S==

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Sign up for the distribution you want to report on here. Note that others are also editing this page so verify that the page hasn't been mangled after you make your changes. To help with this, try to only edit the section for the appropriate alphabet range (e.g., Ubuntu should go under T-V).

Note that no more than two people may sign up for each distribution. Please sign up with your wiki name (which, generally, should be the same as your connect username). See Distrowatch to see what distributions are out there. Also, search for types of operating system distributions.

Please do not sign up for a major distribution. This includes but is not limited to the major distributions listed by Distrowatch. Pick out something specialized and obscure! If in doubt, please email the instructors and TAs.

Example entry:

Distributions A-D

BackTrack: dcarson

CrunchBang: drewmartin

Distributions E-H

Distributions I-M

Incognito Live System: bwernik

Lightweight Portable Security: jeckhard

Lunar Linux: rwolfe

Distributions N-P

Privatix Live-System: gbooth, sbrett

Puppy Linux: mwooff, jnrahme

Distributions Q-S

Swift Linux: mabadeer

Distributions T-V

Tiny Core Linux: aadegbem

Vector: Judethedude

Distributions X-Z

Zentyal: cyu3

ZeroShell: bvardal

Zorin: awillman