COMP3000 Operating Systems W22: Downloading files from your Openstack VM

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You will need to transfer files between the Openstack VM and your own PC from time to time, for example, when submitting your tutorial/assignment work. As your laptop/desktop does not have a fixed IP the VM can connect to, it is always better to initiate the connection from your PC to the VM, which has a floating IP address associated. Here, you have a few options depending on your situation. Choose one that works for you or feel free to use other alternatives.

Using scp (without Carleton VPN)

Secure file copy uses the same protocol as the secure shell (SSH). This command can be run without the Carleton VPN on and uses as a jump, similar to the SSH command.

scp -o "ProxyJump" .

The part in blue is your file's location on your VM (make sure it matches your situation) and don't forget the last part in red, which is the current directory on your PC (where you are typing this command now).

You will first be promoted for your MC1 password set through the SCS account, then your VM's password for the student user.

Replace the with the floating IP address of your VM. Replace CUUsername with your Carleton username.

This should work for both Windows and Linux-like systems.

Using rsync (with Carleton VPN)

If you have the Carleton VPN on, you can use the more secure and new command, rsync instead. This command will only prompt for your VM's password for the student account since you have the Carleton VPN already on.

rsync .

Replace the with the floating IP address of your VM. Likewise, also pay attention to the two locations (in red and blue).